Take Care of Lunch

Here at The Gathering Place, we feed 250 hungry people each and every day – lunch and dinner – and now we are inviting you to assist us in this worthy endeavour.

Our Take Care of Lunch program offers businesses, families and individuals the opportunity to make a real difference to real local people, in real time. By paying for a lunch or dinner, you will be filling the plates of hungry and vulnerable people in the greater St. John’s area, and we will invite to you join us to see first-hand the difference your contribution has made. Truly, food for the soul.

This year, you can make a real difference to someone in need. Review the menu options, below, and click here to Take Care of Lunch.

• Turkey Dinner $1,500
• Fish Bake / Veg / Bread / Dessert $1,000
• Pork Chop Dinner / Dessert $800
• Jiggs Dinner $700
• Hamburger / Fries / Dessert $600
• Chicken Leg Dinner / Dessert $500
• Spaghetti & Meatballs / Garlic Toast / Dessert $400
• Pork Stew / Rice / Dessert $400
• Soup & Sandwich / Dessert $250
• Hot Breakfast $250
• Breakfast $150
• Any Dessert $150

Take Care of Lunch today! Click here to place your order.